We love the English Premier League; the quality of football that’s witnessed in England is thrilling and sensational. However, there is wide berth when you consider the difference between genuine love for the game and over the top emotional involvement in the EPL. That wide berth is what we call addiction and believe me, EPL addiction is real. Here’s how I know

1. Match day is your Sabbath day and you keep it wholly; as in wholly games. Nothing else can be scheduled on match day… Absolutely Nothing!

2. If any crisis happens while you are watching a game, you wait until it is half time to attend to it and when you do attend to it, you pull moves so fast that even Flash would have a hard time keeping up

3. Which brings us to the next; living in a different time zone does not affect your Sabbath. The time difference is a just a tiny blip on the radar as you are willing to stay up ridiculous hours so that you don’t miss a game

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4. Apart from a DVD on Wayne Rooney’s classic goals, you have a DVD collection that shows 100 of the EPL’s greatest tackles, free kicks, penalty shots and free throws in football history (and that’s just the EPL’s greatest 100!)

5. You mumble through regular conversations and come across as shy but when you argue match news and EPL information, not even thunder can match your voice level

6. You have the number of several sport shows for both TV and radio on your phone and during the EPL season you are the most ardent caller. The show’s host, fans and listeners recognize the sound of your voice. You even have a signature introduction style whenever you call in

7. You are a frantic nail biting mess during transfer season as you obsessively check the web on the minute for facts or fictions about possible transfers

8. You are organized; you have an app that updates you on game fixtures and help you tally up the scores at the end of each match

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9. You own several pieces of your club’s merchandise

10. You have no qualms dressing up in a complete club kit to a social function

11. During the off season, you have no idea what to do with your life

12. Your team’s place in the Fantasy Premier League is crucial to you surviving the off season

13. You are very forgetful when it comes to matching names to faces in your actual life but when it comes to remembering name of every EPL player and their jersey number, your brain becomes a computer

14. If your house was burning and you are caught between the option of saving your grandmother or the personally autographed picture of you and your favorite club personality, you would actually pause to think about it

15. You don’t know the name of the president your country had in 1972 but you can give a breakdown of EPL history starting from 1930.



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