In a brutal tirade over the state of Argentine football, Leonel Aguero was also critical of the AFA and Gerardo Martino.

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The Argentinian national team are living in precarious times, with Sergio Aguero’s father Leonel saying that his son will also hang up his international boots if Lionel Messi does not play for them again.

‘Kun’ has been one of Messi’s most loyal friends since their days in the Argentina Under-20 squad. Even after the painful defeat for the team in the Copa America final against Chile, Messi went to Aguero’s house in Rosario.

“If Leo leaves the international team permanently, Sergio will also go,” Leonel Aguero said. “He will leave it up to the new players as the journalists have said that their era is over.”

As well as that, the Manchester City player’s father referred to the work of Gerardo Martino as not being good enough for the country.

“You have to play to win in finals,” he added. “The team gave the advantage to Chile, we were playing with three injured players and we gifted them 60 minutes.”

The rant did not stop there however, with the next target coming in the shape of the Argentinian Football Association.

“In the first few matches it looked like we were going to beat everyone, yet after the final it was the same old story,” he added.

“They criticise everyone. They criticise Messi who gives everything. Those that come from Europe lose their holidays and don’t get paid for it because of the AFA.”

Aguero is now expected to take an extended break in order to fully recover from this summer’s Copa America, before reporting for pre-season training with Manchester City later this month.


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