A lot of people have come to realize that Rooney’s days are numbered in football. However, he seems to be the only one unaware of this fact.

People have advised him to leave when the applause is loudest but so far, there is no word from Rooney about his next move.

In the list of those urging him to take a bow, the latest addition is Koeman, Everton’s manager.

Ronald Koeman has said that he is 100% interested in bringing Rooney back to Everton if the football star and Manchester United Captain is ready.

Hear him:

“First of all, I think he(Rooney) is a great player, and he has still not finished his career,” Koeman said. “I do not know how his situation is, and I need to respect that situation. That’s not my problem. “But even when we get one time the possibility that Rooney is an option for Everton, I’m very pleased.”

“Criticism is part of football”. “He is enough of an experienced person in football that he knows what can happen and everybody gets periods of critics.

“It is part of football and of the business, and you need to stay calm — that is the best thing you can do.”

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