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Why more wins mean more trouble for Jurgen Klopp



jurgen klopp

As manager, your work is more than tutoring your players on how to score, defend and win matches. You’re said to be a mentor; someone whose attitude should be worthy of emulation within his players.

However, these traits seem to be far from Premier League managers – especially top and established ones.

José Mourinho needs no introduction when it comes to being unruly and being controversial.

The Portuguese manager has zero respect for the press, players, fellow managers and even fans.

He’s been involved in many controversial issues in recent seasons and he’s been fined on numerous occasions. The less talked about the former Real Madrid manager, the better.

Surprisingly, Jurgen Klopp is not far from becoming ‘another Mourinho’ in the League as he often gets into referees black book.

It has now become so bad that a win means an FA punishment for the Liverpool boss.

Everton vs Liverpool

Liverpool were 1-0 visitors over their Derby rivals, thanks to Divock Origi’s last-gasp winner.

The game was going smoothly for the German tactician until Origi found the back of the net in the 96th minute when he bumped onto the pitch to celebrate.

He was too happy and joyous that he childishly forgot he’s a manager who shouldn’t have stepped onto the pitch until referee’s final whistle.

Having critically examined the incident, the Premier League disciplinary committee didn’t waste much time before slapping a £8,000 fine on his face.

Burnley vs Liverpool

The Reds came from behind to record another emphatic victory last night.

The Clarets scored the first goal of the game in the first half when Jack Clork sloppily found the back of the net.

The Reds responded well with a great goal from inspirational captain James Milner. The Midfielder’s goal was hugely celebrated by Klopp, who hasn’t learned any lesson from his mistakes against Everton.

Off-form winger Roberto Firmino made it second before second-half substitute Xherdan Shaqiri made it 3-1 to put the game far beyond Burnley’s reach.

After the referee’s final whistle, everyone thought it was over as they headed towards their respective dressing rooms not knowing that controversial Klopp still has a plan to execute.

The manager went straight to Burnley boss Dyche to cause some unnecessary drama which was later resolved by stewards and guards.

Though both managers have prevented the fame of the incident from rising further, the FA are reportedly going to look into it and give appropriate punishment as soon as possible.

Should the FA proceed with their plan to investigate the incident, Klopp won’t escape the committee’s punishment for the second time in one week.

Klopp must begin to know that every off-field crisis will have a negative impact on his mission to catch up with Manchester City in the race for the title. Hence, he needs to control his emotions and focus on his prime target for the season.

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