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What Wenger said about Thierry Henry is incredible




Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is speaking for the first time since the unsuccessful spell of his former player Thierry Henry at the French Ligue 1 outfit AS Monaco earlier this season.

It was an unsuccessful spell for the former Arsenal and Barcelona player who was recruited by the French Ligue 1 outfit to return the club to winning ways but his mission was unsuccessful and was asked to leave after spending only three months.

Arsene Wenger is of the opinion that his countryman remains a good manager but he failed because he took over the job at midway and had no time to get the club running.

He noted that Thierry Henry would have succeeded like Arsenal former captain Patrick Vieira who is doing great at French Ligue 1 side.

Wenger, therefore, stated that the job of a manager cannot be predicted as it all depends on the quality of players at the club and the confidence the players also have in the manager.

It would be recalled that Thierry Henry had a successful spell with the Belgium international as an assistant coach as he was hailed for making a big impact on Romelu Lukaku before he resigned.

It is therefore not clear what the next destination would be for the French man.