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Video: That moment United £75k-a-week star turn to Bruce Lee during match



eric bailly

Video: That moment Man United defender, Eric Bailey turn to Bruce Lee during the match against Leicester City

The opening match of the English Premier League have been played but the memories still linger on.

Manchester United and Leicester City went head to head last week at Old Trafford.

The match ended in a victory for the Jose Mourinho squad but the match was not an easy game to win.

We were flipping through the match highlights and one of the wowed moment in the match stuck in our face.

The video of Manchester United defender, Eric Bailey putting up an excellent performance against Leicester City forwards was spotted.

There was a particular moment in the match where the Ivory Coast international turn to famous martial arts actor, Bruce Lee as he gave a wild kick against a ball when it was close to the Manchester United goal post.

You need to stay calm to catch that moment when Eric Bailey turned to Bruce Lee in the box, kicking off the ball and making it difficult for Leicester City players to penetrate.

The Ivorian defender is one of the key defenders at Old Trafford and one of Jose Mourinho valuable players at the back even though the Portugal international still clamour for a new defender.

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