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How United’s crisis affects Pogba, Lukaku friendship



Romelu Lukaku

The current dressing room crisis at Manchester United seems to be biting deeper than earlier imagined.

It has been revealed that the relationship between striker Romelu Lukaku and Paul Pogba is being affected as a result of the unrest between manager Jose Mourinho and the French midfielder.

The crisis between Mourinho and Pogba reached the climax when the manager openly told the player that he will never captain the club again and both pair was seen to have exchanged words a day after the decision by the manager.

Both Pogba and Lukaku are good friends, especially off the pitch but because of the relationship at the club, the Belgium international has backed down his friendship with the Frenchman in order not to be seen as taking side with his friend.

It would be recalled that the pair had last year spent holiday together in the US but that friendship is now being cooled as a result of the unrest between the player and the manager.

It is being alleged that the Mourinho, Pogba feud has divided the players as some take side with Frenchman while some back the Portuguese manager.

However, it has been established that the Lukaku and Pogba remain good friends despite the current distance between the both of them.

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