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Trevor Steven reveals what has happened to the Arsenal team




Football writer and analyst, Trevor Steven has stated that something has happened to Arsenal since the coming of new manager Unai Emery in the summer.

The form and display by the Arsenal team this season has been a shock and surprise to many who had thought that they will struggle especially with the coming of a new manager.

The fears of what happened to United when Alex Ferguson left the club did not come true over Arsenal as the club became stable and stronger.

They have gone ahead to win 10 straight games in all competitions after losing their first two games to Manchester City and Chelsea respectively.

However, Steven stated that the Arsenal team have been able to rediscover their team spirit, adding that it has continued to fuel their revival.

He noted that he had hailed the signing of the Spanish manager but never predicted the success of the club would go this way.

Steven affirmed that the mood is very different for the club at the moment with the players having a clear belief in the coach and each other as a team which adds to the spirit that is getting better and better.

Emery has stated that work continues for him as he will not dwell on the results of the past.