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Sir Alex Ferguson statement about Eden Hazard in 2012 is now off point



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Belgium star, Eden Hazard back in 2012 was caught up on making a decision of which club to choose between Man Utd, Man City, and Chelsea.

Eden Hazard great performance for Lille saw three top English football clubs racing to sign him.

Back in 2012, legendary coach, Sir Alex Ferguson was in charge at Old Trafford, the coach showed interest in the then 21-year-old Eden Hazard alongside Chelsea and Man City.

The Belgium star took a lot of time before making a final decision and one of the major things he put into consideration was the playing chances.

In the long run, Eden Hazard went on Twitter to disclose he will sign a contract with Chelsea.

The Blues paid the sum of £34 million, which was quite a huge sum back then, to sign Eden Hazard.

However, Sir Alex Ferguson was not happy with the amount the Blues paid to sign Eden Hazard, he disclosed that the amount was too costly for a player like Eden Hazard.

Fergie hinted that the Red Devils made a better contract by signing Kagawa for £17 million from Dortmund.

Well, Kagawa turned out to be a poor signing for Man Utd.

And looking at the present situation, Ferguson was wrong about Eden Hazard being a waste of resources.

If Chelsea are to sell off Eden Hazard today, his transfer fee will worth over £120 million which is a huge gain for a player they bought for £34 million.

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