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Reason Arsenal Should Spend Big To Keep Alexis And Ozil – Club Legend



David Seaman

Former Arsenal goalkeeper and club legend David Seaman has urged the North London side tospend big money so as to keep star duo Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil thus improving their chance of ending a 13-year league title drought

Seaman, who is a former England international, was quoted as per a report from the Mirror as he added that the club should break their much publicised wage structure. In hos words, he said: “To win the title Arsenal have got to keep their best players,” he said, in quotes reported by the Mirror. “We used to do that. When big clubs came calling for Thierry Henry or Patrick Vieira, we always managed to send them packing.

“But then the club went through a phase of selling them, although maybe that was partly because finances forced our hand.

“Now they are in a situation where they have a great chance of winning the Premier League for the first time in 13 years and they don’t need to sell.

“The Emirates Stadium is paid for, the bank manager is happy, so if it means paying Sanchez and Ozil what they are worth – or perhaps even a little bit more – just do it.

“If Arsenal lost Sanchez now, they would have to spend a colossal amount of money, maybe £50-60 million, to bring in a replacement of his quality.
“Why not just go the extra mile to keep him and Ozil at Arsenal? They are special players, and its special players who make the difference between winning the major trophies and coming close.

“People talk about breaking the wage structure and upsetting the applecart, but in the dressing room nobody will complain if the club accommodates a couple of higher earners who are in that ‘special’ bracket and they deliver the title.

“Arsene must make sure that if either of them leaves – and all the supporters hope it doesn’t come down to this – it must not be for financial reasons.
“I’m all for good housekeeping, but sometimes in football you’ve got to push the boat out a bit further. You have to stay ambitious.” he concluded.

Chilean forward Alexis Sanchez and German playmaker Mesut Ozil have 18 months left on their respective contracts with the two players reportedly involved in a contract impasse with the club.