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After A Good Match on Sunday, Liverpool Moves to Fourth Place on the Table! See Manchester United Stands!



Manchester United and Liverpool both took home 1 point each after the match at Anfield.

The scores as at full-time read Manchester United 0-0 Liverpool.

It was a charged match from both sides as Liverpool continued their almost impressive record. The “You will never walk alone team” has moved to number 4 on the English Premier League Table while Manchester occupy the 7th position.

So far, this is United’s fourth win in their last five EPL meetings, while the draw was Liverpool’s first point earned in five games against Manchester United.
The match began with a bang where both teams picked up the pace the moment the whistle was blown. However, by the end of the first half, Liverpool had the edge in ball possession.

Manchester United’s first shot came in the sixth minute from Zlatan Ibrahimovic but it went over the bar to the chagrin of excited fans.

Paul Pogba also had a chance at a goal but sadly it was a lost shot.

De Gea was clearly the man of the match when he gave a brilliant save to Emre’s shot.

In the 71st minute, De Gea pulled another great feat which ended up to be the most charged minute of the game.

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