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This former Man United defender to return back to Old Trafford




Former Man United defender Patrice Evra has hinted that he could be having a return to the Old Trafford but not as a football player.

This was made known when he revealed that he had held talks with the club vice-chairman Ed Woodward over the possibility of coming in to take up some roles in the club, as it was not revealed in particular what the role would be.

Patrice Evra was a Man United player from 2006 to 2014 where he impressed and won a number of titles. The French man has also got a very vast knowledge of the club, its history and policy.

It is suggested that Patrice Evra could be handed the role of the technical director as it is confirmed that the Red Devils are in big need of that position to be able to engage well in the summer transfer window after the restructuring.

However, the former Red Devils defender hints that he is unsure if he is ready for the job, noting that he had sacrificed his life for the club as a player and picking this job means he will have to do same which would be a little difficult for him to do.

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