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How Mourinho ‘deceived’ fans on Pogba’s captain band stripping



jose mourinho

Few weeks ago, Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho stripped of captain band from French midfielder Paul Pogba owing to the supposed rift between them.

The United boss had before the entire team squad told the World Cup winner who has captained the side on two occasions that he will never have an opportunity to do that again.

Pogba has been accused of insubordination and also disrespecting the club and the manager.

One of the sins committed by the former Juventus player is publicly questioning the tactics employed by the manager by stating that the team ought to only attack when at home. This is after United failed to defeat Wolves on September.

However, it is believed that Mourinho’s decision on the player wearing the armband is “unwittingly” deceiving the club fans knowing that the player has been a natural leader on the field of play and that has still not stopped going by the roles handed to him by the manager.

It would be recalled that a revelation after United’s magical comeback against Newcastle last weekend disclosed that the 3-2 victory would have arguably been impossible if the tactical advice given to the former Chelsea boss by Pogba was not given.

It was reported that Pogba had told Mourinho what to do and the tactical changes that won the game from 2-0 in the first half to a 3-2 victory at full time.

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