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The missing substance in United’s team found



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A problem known is a problem solved and that should not be different in Manchester United’s issues after Liam Rosenior named what is actually missing in the Red Devils.

The Old Trafford was yet again left cold after United failed to pull a win against Valencia in the Champions League night. The game ended in a 0-0 draw.

This adds to the elimination from the Carabao Cup by Derby and the 3-1 embarrassing defeat suffered in the hands of West Ham United.

Rosenior stated that the missing substance in the United team is the lack of “spirit or energy” from the players.

The analyst added that the problem started all the way from the dressing room and that has reflected on the field of play.

He noted that it would be unfair to pile the blame on the manager alone; adding that both the players must share of the blame and some of them should be affected in any sanction.

Rosenior was bold enough to call out the club’s chief Ed Woodward for his mistakes in his recruitment of players for the team, stressing that it also added up.

He said all that is happening at United is different from the trade mark of the club and cannot be accepted.

Now that the problem has been known, can there be a quick solution to them?.

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