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United star in a major scandal after big revelation



Manchester United striker is understood to be in a major scandal after it was claimed that he had cheated on his pregnant girlfriend by having an affair with a model.

According to a report by Daily Star, the French international striker had met the model in a £70-a-night hotel when they met in a Paris nightclub.

The scandal was made public by the model Malika Semichi after Martial’s girlfriend Melanie Da Cruz had since given birth but she revealed that the affair happened when the girlfriend was pregnant.

However, the story might be believed as this is not the first time such a report would be heard of the former AS Monaco striker away from the pitch.

The model revealed that she was approached by the star player and he told her of the hotel he had booked for their meeting, adding that she accepted the hotel because she wanted to use it as a hideout knowing that he has a girlfriend and they must not be seen together.

Malika Semichi said she accepted to lay with him despite knowing nothing serious was between them because he had told her that his wife was pregnant and he cannot have sex with her at that moment.