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Liverpool to get £30 million bonus from this player sale



Philippe Countinho

This is another means for Liverpool to grow financially as they get £30 million bonus from Barcelona on Coutinho sale.

Despite the fact that it is getting up to a year since the departure of Filipe Coutinho from Liverpool, it has been revealed that La Liga toppers are yet to finish paying his transfer fee.

Liverpool received a bonus of £4.5 million after Barcelona qualified for the Uefa Champions League.

And with the look of things should Barca qualify for another participation in the Uefa Champions league in 2019 which quite certain, then Liverpool is likely to receive a bonus of £30 million from the Catalan giants.

However, all of this depends on the number of appearances Filipe Coutinho makes for the club.

According to the calculation, Barcelona will pay £5 million for every 25 appearances the Brazil international makes for them.

This means if Filipe Coutinho makes 100 appearances for Barca, the Spanish club will pay £20 million to Liverpool

Pending the time, Barca makes a final payment for Coutinho, Liverpool will continue to receive the bonus fee on the player.

Well, both Liverpool and Barcelona made it to the Uefa Champions League this season and are likely to meet in one way or the other should any of the two sides move higher in the tournament.

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