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Former Arsenal Captain Sends ‘Fond’ Messages To Arsenal Fans About Undermined Star



Cesc Fabregas

Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas has confessed that he would love to swap bodies with one of his former club’s players for just one match.

The former Arsenal captain wishes he had the speed of Arsenal star player Theo Walcott.
Both players were team-mates in Fabregas’ fruitful span at the Emirates club. It appears the Spanish midfielder is relishing some fond memories at the club: Pushing the ball on a lighting-scale to the fast man Walcott.

Even though Fabregas also noted that he would love to have had the attributes of former France international Thierry Henry, he appears to envy Theo’s ability to move past opposition defenders.

Cesc, in a Questions And Answers session for Carabao, noted that he desire having the feeling of a lightening fast player: a player that can receive long balls and swift past defenders in a jiffy.

He noted that Walcott is such player, and he want to feel what it would be like to be a Theo Walcott.

He added that while he was at Arsenal, he used to pass Theo the ball over the top and knew the fast man could get there whatever it takes.

This season at Arsenal, Walcott hasn’t been able to do much of his stuffs to help his side win more matches. It is not yet sure if the North London club will finish among the top four at the premier league this season.

Even though they are still going to meet Chelsea in the FA Cup final at Wembley, many Arsenal fans are already losing hope in Walcott, but this message from Fabregas might just do something positive.