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Why Ferguson is the help Mourinho needs



sir alex ferguson

The situation at Manchester United seem to be out of control for manager, Jose Mourinho, making it mandatory for him to seek help from his predecessors.

Legendary manager, Alex Ferguson did not only make a mark at United, he was able to manage big players at the club and brought all situations under control. This is what Mourinho needs to learn.

Most importantly is the situation between midfielder, Paul Pogba and Mourinho that have been dominating the back pages for months on end.

It would be recalled that Ferguson had managed big stars like Roy Keane, David Beckham, Ruud van Nistelrooy and they all had issues against him but they never won over the manager.

Ferguson’s managerial secrets were worth a case study for Harvard Business School professor Anita Elberse back in 2013 and could be a reference for Mourinho

Ferguson had kept firm in his heart that any coach who has no control over his team would not last; therefore he vowed to achieve a position of comprehensive control that would be recognized by players.

Ferguson had recalled that before he picked up United’s job, he made the vow to ensure that his personality in the club would be bigger than that of any player, no matter how big the player becomes.

This clue, Mourinho must take and the whole Pogba saga would be over.

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