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Factors To Be Considered While Arsenal Goes On International Break



As the England giant step into their international break Coach Arsene Wenger would be faced with different factors that should be accepted if the club really want to do better in gaining victory.  Currently they are having issues as there are list of  injured stars and they are doing their best to get them back on pitch as soon as possible for the Champions League.

Injured Stars Should Be Fixed Health wise

The club is facing a hard time with lots of injured players on the bench, there are about seven first team stars injured, the likes of “Theo Walcot, Aaron Ramsey, Hector Bellerin, Jack Wilshere, Danny Welbeck, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Thomas Rosicky.

“It is very important to get players back over a short period you can replace a couple of players but with two games a week and the intensity will not lessen, you need a lot of players who can replace each other and come and give energy “

January Transfer Sales

Gunners will be faced with addressing different areas in their squad even if the injured ones return. Wenger will need to get a good starter and also a good striker even if the present ones will return from injury.

Alexis Sanchez Critically Down

Sanchez is really not in good health as it was seem how he ran out of strength in the clash against Tottenham and this is a reason why he has been laid off for now . He has 68 appearances in 68 matches for Arsenal ever since he has been with the club.  He also played for the South American tournaments for the past two seasons and he would also be playing in the World qualifiers during the break so he really needs a break or it could lead to injury if over stressed and might miss out in January matches.

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