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At some point I thought she was the one
Until I told my dreams
It couldn’t have been further from the truth
That we were meant to be
I think her biggest pleasure was killing the treasure I got inside me
Oh yeah, I swear I thought I was in love, but she killed it real quick
Whenever I would tell her something good
The response I got was weak
It’s even hard to measure how she kills the pleasure I have inside me
But then I learned my lesson that this girl is trash and we will never be

Now I just have to watch out for another dream squasher
I really have to watch out, cause I hate girls just like her
I better pack my stuff and go, this girl’s a dream squasher
I will never belong here, she’s nothing but a dream squasher

She’s the first one to bring me down
Whenever things are sweet
I say “I have a great idea now”
She says “honey, please, I know you think you’re special, but this thing won’t happen, though I know you wish”
We gotta go for a second round, this fight isn’t finished
I need her to know how I feel
And I’ll leave her here
“I know you think you matter but now I’ve had it, you will let me be,
I just hate your presence and your stupidly awful energy”

Try to live it, try to live it, try to live a whole day with her
She will kill it, she will destroy it, Oh, she will murder your mood
You cannot do it, I bet you can’t do it
It’s hard to even breath right, try to do it, you cannot do it, I’m glad now it is all behind
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