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Careers in Sports that Don’t Require You to be Athletic




Having a career in sports doesn’t mean that you have to play a sport and be athletic. The truth is that there are many other careers in sports that do not require you to be an athlete. Sometimes, you don’t even have to be a sports fanatic to work in the industry.

Sure, you can just visit Betenemy and look for a sportsbook where you can place your bets and turn this into your career. After all, a professional career in sports betting can be real. However, there still are so many things that you can do in the sports industry that can help you make a living. 

Don’t have any idea about what you can do professionally in the sports industry that doesn’t concern playing any sports? Well, here are the options that you have.

  • Photographer or Photojournalist

If you’re in the field of photography or you know a lot about taking pictures, then try taking photographs of sports events.  This can be a career that can make you earn around 35,000 US dollars each year. What you’ll do here is to document a sports match or event. When watching a live NBA match, you probably see a lot of them at the courtside. You can also notice how much effort they do to get the perfect shots.

There are a few ways to go about this. You can be employed by the sports league itself, a sports magazine, or the newspaper. You can get paid by the hour if this is the case. However, there are also sports photojournalists who would work independently. What they do is sell the great shots that they took to different papers or networks.

  • Coach

You don’t really have to be athletic to be a coach in any sports. You do need the experience, however. As a coach, your job is to guide the athletes through a game and prepare them for competitions. This is something that you can do if you have a passion for the sport of your choice and being a mentor and teacher. 

A sports coach can make around 34,000 US dollars annually. This is the average salary of coaches in any sports like football, basketball, and baseball. Surely, however, if you coach teams in the big leagues like the NBA or the EPL, you’ll earn more than that each year. 

  • Fitness Director

Your main concern and task as a fitness director have something to do with the physical fitness of the athletes. You’ll be in charge of scheduling their training sessions. Anything that is health and fitness-related will be your concern.

You don’t really need a degree in health and fitness to get into this industry. A high school diploma would already do but you’ll need at least two years of experience in the field of health and fitness. You can start as a trainer or fitness instructor at the gym and make your way up. A fitness director can make up to 40,000 US dollars each year.

  • Sports Events Coordinator

As a sports event coordinator, you’ll be responsible for organizing sports events. You’ll have to do the planning and you’ll have to meet with the sports leagues and teams involved in the event to make sure that you cater to everything that they need.

You should know where to rent or purchase the equipment that will be used and you’ll also be responsible for booking the venue. Know that you can also do other events outside the sports industry if you have great knowledge in event planning. You can make as much as 50,000 US dollars a year in this career.

  • Sports Psychologist

Your main concern as a sports psychologist is the well-being and the mental state of the athletes. Athletes are also prone to having mental problems like anxiety, depression, and poor self-esteem. It will be your job to guide them to overcome these things.

However, even athletes who are doing fine mentally may also need your guidance when it comes to goal-setting. You will need a degree in psychology for this one and it’s worth it because if you have this as a career, you can make as much as 80,000 US dollars each year.

  • Sportscaster or writer

If you have the knack for writing then this is for you. You can work in newspapers or magazines and cover sports events or anything related to sports. This can be a fast-paced career because you have the edge if you have the right sources and if you can come up with a release or content first.

It’s an advantage if you have a degree in writing, but there are publications that wouldn’t really require you to have a degree. If you don’t want to go to the route of employment, you can also set up your own website or blog on sports and eventually earn money from it. Annually, a sportswriter can make as much as over 60,000 US dollars.

If you dig deeper and once you become part of the sports industry, you’ll realize that there are actually plenty of career paths in it. These are just a few paths that you can take. 

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