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Breaking! Pogba’s ‘underground’ move to Juventus revealed




Just at the time, it was thought that the speculations of pushing a move away from Manchester United to Juventus have been laid to rest, it has been revealed that French midfielder Paul Pogba is pushing a deal for his move away.

Reports coming from Italy revealed that the World Cup winner is pushing for a deal away from the Old Trafford by telling his friends at Turin that he wishes to return back.

The World Cup winner is still overwhelmed by the love he received when he joined the Red Devils to Turin where they recorded a 2-1 win and he wishes to have more by being on the Italian side.

There are therefore fears that a shock move might be pulled for Paul Pogba in the New Year as there he is no doubt that he is desperate to stop working with manager Jose Mourinho.

However, the relationship between the Pogba and the former Chelsea boss went sour at the start of the season which led to the stripping of the captain band off the former Juventus midfielder.

Pogba had pushed for a deal away from the club but he was stopped by the executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward who took his stand to say the Frenchman is a part of the club’s future.