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Why Alvaro Morata should not be blamed for his poor performance



Alvaro Morata

Chelsea striker, Alvaro Morata, who join the Blues from Real Madrid in July 2017 as a replacement for Diego Costa has been unable to perform at Chelsea in terms of scoring goals.

Last season saw the Blues former coach, Antonio Conte drop him off completely from the squad while starting Olivier Giroud in his place.

This season, new coach Maurizio Sarri decided to give him some playing time ahead of Olivier Giroud, however, the Spain international has been unable to score more than two goals as he seems to lack the confidence to score and at times he looks tactless.

But it came to a head yesterday when coach Maurizio Sarri went ahead to start him ( an action the Italian later regretted) contrary to public opinion.

The Blues coach removed him in the second half against Man Utd after he went on to lose ball possessions and refused to score.

However, former Chelsea coach, Ruud Gullit, disclosed Alvaro Morata is not to be blamed for his poor performance.

According to Gullit, Eden Hazard and Willian don’t trust him which is part of the reason for Morata’s poor form.

Gullit hinted that Morata’s team-mates (Hazard and Willian) don’t come into positions where they create goal assists for him.

He added that the duo of Willian and Hazard ‘always dribble inside because they don’t trust him.’