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Absurd! Liverpool fans excited over the absence of star player against Cardiff City



Liverpool will today host Cardiff City at Anfield in the English Premier League.

The Reds will be hoping to pick all three points against the visitors in other to move to the top of the League table, this is because Man City will face a tougher side, Tottenham Hotspur on Monday night.

Prior to the match against Cardiff City, Liverpool coach, Jurgen Klopp had disclosed that two Liverpool midfielders, Naby Keita and Jordan Henderson will be absent from the match owing to injuries.

But the surprising thing to note is that Liverpool’s fans took to their Twitter handles to make some shocking statements about the absence of their captain and midfielder, Jordan Henderson.

Some of the fans hinted that it is a good news that Jordan Henderson will be absent from the match, as they hope he doesn’t return any time soon.

Some of them added that Jordan Henderson was not worthy of being in the Reds squad but was enjoying the privilege of playing because he is the captain.

The Red fans hinted that the captain often slows down the team’s midfield whenever they play against deep blocks.

On the other hand, fans anticipate the early return of Naby Keita to the squad.