Pochettino insists Tottenham deserved to win and were the better team

Surprisingly despite losing a goal lead to Chelsea and leaving with no points Tottenham coach Mauricio Pochettino has insisted that Tottenham outplayed Chelsea and deserved to win.

Pochettino was quoted in his post match interview as saying “I think, if you analyze today’s game, we have better possession, more attempts. But football is not just a stat.”

“I think, comparing the two teams, we were better today. I think we need to be pleased with the performance.”

After slipping further down on the table with a match against Man United on the horizon it remains to be seen whether coach Pochetttino was genuinely pleased with the team’s second consecutive loss in a week and the end of their unbeaten run in the league or he was just trying to motivate his boys.

Tottenham go into the new week off the back of two loses and a tough game ahead as their toughest run of games yet continue.

Pochettino will have to do more than talk sleek to bring a halt to the down fall in the teams form as the gap between them and the top of the table widens.


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