After a long hiatus, Victor Moses is back at Chelsea and he seems to be enjoying his time there.

He said , he is “relishing” his position  as a wing-back for Chelsea this season. Recall that he joined Chelsea in 2012 but he has not really established his stay there as a force to be reckoned with.

Moses said in a recent interview up on the club’s website that he has thrived as a wing-back despite having never played in that role before and he attributes his outstanding performance to his Italian manager at the club, Antonio Conte.

He had this to say, “I have not played there before. I have just got to listen to what the manager asks me to do in that position and the way he wants me to do it.

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“It’s very important to understand your teammates; so, every game we played, I just want to keep on improving.

“The more games you play, the more experience you get in that position and I’m really relishing and enjoying it at the moment.

“I have got Azpilicueta there, the spare right-back, who is behind me and he communicates with me and really helps me out to make sure I am in the right position.

“It’s very good to link up with Pedro and Willian too. They know when it’s time for me to go or when not to go.

“We speak to each other and we look at each other’s movement to make sure we are doing the right thing on the pitch.”

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