Liverpool midfielder Adam Lallana believes that Liverpool not being involved in European football this season has actually benefited the club as it has given the players the chance and time to learn more of manager Jurgen Kloop’s tactics and methods.

Lallana has been in good form this season and has three goals and three assists in the league so far and although he accepts not playing in Europe has made it difficult for some players to play competitive matches, he feels Kloop having more time with the players has worked out well for the club.

He stated:

“We have fewer games this season, which is the only advantage of not being in Europe, that means a lot of players could possibly not be playing, but it also means the quality in training and the fight for places is so big (source).

That’s a good thing, it keeps everyone on their toes, so the standard in training is always at a high level. We’re on the training pitch a lot more this season, which means we’ve got more days to be able to work on certain things tactically that the manager wants and we’re seeing that pay off  (source).

“It was a good thing we were in different competitions, but it was a case of game,recover,game, recover. From pre-season this summer, when we were away and on the training pitch twice a day, you could see him filtering across the way he wants to play, his tactics, his style, his demands. (source)

Even during the week now, we’re getting good sessions in because we’ve got the time. Hopefully, as this season goes on, we’ll get to know each other inside out as a squad. And if next year we’re in Europe, then it won’t be so vital to have these sessions that we need to work on tactics because we’ll know what the manager wants.”

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