It was a colossal disgrace for Manchester United yesterday when they lost the match at Stamford Bridge. The Reds suffered a humiliating defeat of 4-0 in favor of Chelsea.

In fact, twitter and facebook and indeed the whole of social media literally caught fire yesterday by the insults heaped on Manchester’s supporters.

Mourinho watched his former club trash his present club without any respect for him. It was as if they were punishing him for making them a failure for the seasons he was their coach.

The first goal was scored by Pedro in the opening minutes of the match. After that, it was only a matter of time before Gary, Hazard and Kante nailed the rest of the nails on the coffin of the English club.

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Chelsea now stands at fourth place on the table after Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool.

Wayne Rooney did not play the match but neither did John Terry. Both Captains were benched due to injuries sustained previously.

Mourinho kept drinking bottled water at odd intervals during the match. He became visibly uncomfortable and could not hide the embarrassment on his present club by his former club.

It was indeed a sad night for the Reds and a curse filled one for Pogba.


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