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Chelsea Coach Sends Epic Punch Line To Man United’s Jose Mourinho Following FA Cup Win



Due to many cases we’ve seen before, we can say football is just like politics in many areas. Many times, while appearing on the media, politicians portrays themselves as being enemies due to their different political ideologies. However, while the media isn’t watching, some of them are good friends.

In football, we, many a times, see rival clubs’ managers and players as being enemies of one another. However, some of them are good friends while off the pitch. But nevertheless, some of them are not friends both on the pitch and while off the pitch. And it seems Chelsea boss Antonio Conte and Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho are not going to be friends both on the pitch and off the pitch too soon.

The former Portuguese Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho, has been hitting silently on the Stamford Bridge club and their current Italian manager in recent times. However, Chelsea manager Antonio Conte continue keeping it cool.

However, following Chelsea’s 1-0 win over Manchester United at their FA Cup clash in Stamford Bridge on Monday night, he has taken a pop at Mourinho’s tactics in the game.

The west London club have now progressed into the FA Cup semi finals after the victory against the Old Trafford outfit.

However, the game is one we can’t forget in a hurry due to the numerous dramas we saw in the game. It was a strong game which saw Jose Mourinho’s men reduced to 10 men after Ander Herrera was shown the red card.

And the former Italy manager, in his comments following the game, has taken a pop at Mourinho for his heavy-handed tactics which earned his side an FA charge for failure to control his players.

Conte insists it is impossible for his boys to play football as the United boys were too hard on his players, especially on Hazard.

And throwing a silent punch at Mourinho, he said: ‘I want to see a team to beat us playing football.’