Welcome to Madrid, the capital city of Spain. A beautiful Andalusian city with huge history especially in football. There are two biggest football clubs resident in that city but we will focus on the lesser of the two teams, Atletico Madrid, in this article.

Their big brother in the form of Real Madrid have won every title they can, and even boast of an intimidating record of eleven UEFA Champions League titles, the highest by any team.

Atletico Madrid have been known as Underdogs as they play second fiddle to the big sides in their league, the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

In recent years, Atletico under young boss Diego Simeone, have transformed the team from just another team in the capital to the biggest underdogs in Europe. He has systematically developed a working strategic plan that will keep his boys performing and also not be able to lose their quality after seeing traditional bigger teams poach their stars. They tend to find immediate replacements for the stars who leave and these additions fit in seamlessly and that have maintained their consistency.

The Roji Blancos as they are called have matched Real Madrid and Barcelona, play for play, having recorded victories over both teams neither once nor twice, yet maintaining their underdog status. At this rate, Atletico will finally rise from their underdog role in European football, though shaking off that of the LaLiga will need them to perform longer than 10 years.

When next your team is facing Atletico, don’t just dismiss them as the underdogs, remember that they are bigger than all other underdogs hence the biggest underdogs.

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