Manchester City’s boss has admitted that he is afraid for his team. Indeed, the season has entered a crucial point where every club,coach and player is practically on edge.

Just like I was worried when I was the coach of other clubs, its the same worry now,” Guardiola said yesterday.

“I don’t remember what I thought when I went five games at Barcelona without winning. I think the same right now -– you have to win right now.

“You have to do it for the minds for the players. They deserve to win because they didn’t play any game without intention, without passion. Until the last minute, they fight.

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“We are in a period like that now. Many circumstances didn’t help in 2009. First of all our performance was not good enough to win the games.

“But many decisions and situations in the game didn’t help. They influenced our heads and we have to change that as soon as possible. We have to not give up.

“Maybe this situation will make us stronger for the future. I’m pretty sure of that. For the next period, not just this season but the next season as well. Maybe we will learn from that and be stronger.”


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