Sports is a lucrative business, no doubt. Just imagine the amount of money moving from sponsors to organizers, to athletes, umpires and other participants both active and passive, then you’ll realize that Sports is really a big business.

But what if I told you that you can make a part of this money by just being a follower of sports, anyone whatsoever? Would you believe me?

Like it or loathe, what I said is as true as you are reading this. I will, in this article, tell a few ways, 7 of them, in which you can make an extra income from just following.

Here are they:
1. Betting: You might have heard of this. This is the most popular and is where you can find most people trying out but there are 3 ways of making money from betting. Yes, 3 different ways.
a) By placing a bet. Another very popular one (seems there is nothing special about this article). When u place your bets are they offline or online? Studies have shown that most winners are those who place their bets online as they can accumulate low odds and win, place bets on ongoing games, choose multiple compatible outcomes of one event and so on.
b) Become an agent: betting companies will pay you for bringing them more customers. You will get a commission for every bet placed via you. Agents run bet shops and it costs a little to open a bet shop and with proper siting, one can recoup expenses for setting up a shop in a few weeks. To become an agent, you need to contact the betting company and discuss terms before agreement. It’s advisable to contact as many as you can, as one can use one shop for different companies, running them concurrently.
c) Be a tipster: This is a different one, isn’t it? It requires avast knowledge of the event’s parameters to be able to forecast properly. You can register with forecasting sites or run your own forecast site. The more correct forecasts you come up with, the more money you can make. Registering with forecasting sites is quite free but you have to build your reputation before you can start earning, and when you start, you sure will enjoy doing it.

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2. Blogging: Everyone wants to own a blog today. They try to write on anything and everything but the more successful blogs that grow into websites with authority are those who go into niches they are conversant, confident and comfortable with. As a sports lover, you can write on sports as well as share news and other information on sports activities. Writing sports articles are nowhere near easy, as it requires time and dedication to successfully complete articles. It is better to go into familiar waters than delving into anything at all.

3. Reporting: Reporting sports is not a skill. It is not easy but it pays. There are many media houses searching for reporters as they would prefer to release exclusives, which improves their pedigree. Sports reporting is not something one can wake up and start doing. You need to get trained by professionals, do your own personal trainings and also learn on the job. To be a successful reporter, you will need to register with the professional body in order to get access to the professionals and perfect your skills. It is advisable to report only sports that you know very well and a good mastery of language is also a huge plus for best results.

4. Trainer: Yes you can train people for a fee, and that’s sports too. You also get to keep fit and also earn alongside it. To be a physical education trainer, you need to well versed in it. Schools can employ a Physical Education teacher, but getting employed by aq school will require more knowledge of Physical Education while that of gyms and personal trainers will require more practical knowledge of Physical Education.

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5. Scouting: You can also be a scout, yes, a scout, scouting amateurs for professional sides. This requires a well technical knowledge of the intricacies of the sport and also a connection with the management of the professional side. This connection is built not by money but by integrity. You can also refer amateurs to professional scouts. Referrals of this nature will also get you a little extra income, especially if it always come good.. Scouting is only for the bold and calculated because if you boldly refer a misfit, you’ll end up terminating the scouting job even before you begun.

6. Club membership: Being a legitimate club member, known by the club can help you get a little cash. Most big clubs especially Football, American football and basketball clubs pay their members at the end of the fiscal year. As an official member, you can also make money from buying tickets and reselling them. Members get discounts on face price and can sell at any amount depending on the demand. Buying and reselling is risky but if you can get buyers, it is quite lucrative, moderately though. It really costs a fortune to register as an official member.

7. Equipment retail: Now this is the real business. You can buy quality equipments at lower prices and supply them to shops at reasonable rates, while making a little extra on your expenses, all of them. Online shopping malls can give you at a huge discount for bulk purchases and haulage fees will be drastically reduced. This is the easiest and needs only determination to run. Equipment retailing needs end-users to succeed.


All these opportunities are easy to harness but will need a little capital, time, dedication and commitment to succeed. Now, you can go and make extra money from your passion.


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