Video: Wayne Rooney featured in xmen promo film posted on twitter by manchester united

Wayne Rooney

Manchester United star player wayne rooney as shown is brilliant acting capabilities to advertise for one of United’s partner as shown on twitter.

In this episode, Wayne Rooney is seen alongside Hugh Jackman’s ‘Wolverine’ character in X-men spin-off.

Footage of Rooney’s moments promptly follow, alongside Logan’s scenes, and with a clip of rooney’s record-breaking 250th United goal against Stoke City last month.

see video.

Rooney previous attempts when he appeared on X-Men Apocalypse was not so welcome as a result, fox century decided not to promote is acting skills.

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Manchester United are currently in business to promote  new X-men and Rooney starring alongside James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence will one day pay off for the legend.

more updates coming soon

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