United performance this season hasn’t been a thing of joy for the players or fans as the Red Devils currently lie 6th on the English Premier League table, 9 points off leaders, Chelsea.

There has been growing rumors of impatience around the club as they struggle to keep back to back wins and Jose Mourinho -the clubs coach- pleaded for some patience on him.

“The best manager in the history of the Premier League needed a few years to build such a successful period,” Jose Mourinho said in reference to Sir Alex Ferguson’s early days at the club.

“Sir Alex Ferguson first trophy -an FA cup- didn’t come till 1990 after the Scot took over the club in 1986. The club had to wait for another four years to win the league under Ferguson who then went on to win twelve more.

“If the best needed that time, it means that the others need also need that time” he went on.

“The job is as difficult as I was expecting. I was not expecting the job was easy. I said that I wanted to try to win the Premier League but at the same time I thought that was a risky approach with my words.

“My words were not defensive with the risk. I knew it was going to be very difficult.”

The Portuguese has never been at a club for more than three years but has made known his desire to stay at Old Trafford longer than his current three-year contract.

“I am in the beginning of my contract, “I am in the beginning of the process. Let’s go step by step.

“If you ask me would I like to be successful in these three years, would I like to stay here for more time than these three years then yes” he continued.

“I am in the club that I want to be. So yes, I would love it. But I have also to deserve that.

“Let us see the evolution of my results. And if one day the club thinks I deserve it then I will be very happy and proud about that. I am just in the beginning.”
The self acclaimed “special one” as spoke about silverwares as he knows the fans will be expecting one as soon as possible.

“The three-year contract I was given is a fair period of time to give to me to where we want to be. Three years is not just about the transfer window, though.

“It’s not just about that. It’s about my relationship with the players, my understanding of the players, the understanding of the players of my personality as a manager, a person’s routines, the dynamics of how they work” he continued.

“That has to be key. It’s all about that. But if you ask me if I am a waiting for my third year in the club to have good results. No, I am not waiting. I am going to immediately try to do my best to get results.”


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