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Fabinho opens up to Brazil press on why he is yet to start for Liverpool



Fabinho opens up to Brazil press on why he is yet to start for Liverpool

Liverpool midfielder, Fabinho is currently in his home country, Brazil, as he has been called to join the Tito, led national team.

However, the Brazilian press has questioned their star player about why he is yet to start at Anfield since joining in the summer transfer window.

Fabinho opened up to the press as he disclosed sincerely that he is ready to make a debut for the Reds but Jurgen Klopp is still cautious about starting him.

He, however, added that Kloop has addressed the issue with him and he remains calm and patience for the right time to start at Liverpool.

Well, we believe that Fabinho’s time will come after the international holiday as Liverpool will be playing in the EPL, Carabao League and the UEFA Champions League and they will really need to rest some players.

So there are high chances he will make a debut soon for the Reds and might even end up being Liverpool holding midfielder.

Fabinho joined Liverpool in the summer transfer window from French club, Monaco.

He played for Liverpool in the preseason games as he was not called by Brazil for the world cup in Russia.

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