It is never too early to make a wish list and I imagine that there are plenty that Chelsea fans wish for. Who knows, the bearded man at North Pole might surprise them with a treat!

1. For Juan Mata to come back home; home as in Stamford Bridge. The man is a Chelsea legend. The equivalent of the ex you wish you never let go

2. A trophy; last season the blues finished empty handed. With new upgrades like Michy Batshuayi and N’golo Kante, Chelsea fans want to win anything and everything

3. A chance to get back at Frank Lampard; he broke many hearts when by a twist of fate, he was signed to MCFC and also scored the equalizer against Chelsea in the game between the two clubs

4. To see more classic goals from Diego Costa, he’s a scoring machine with all the skills of Luis Suarez minus his biting anomaly, a winning equation surely!

5. For David Moyes to come back as Manager for Manchester United; #SaveMoyes trended on twitter as Chelsea supporters voiced their tongue in cheek support for the then embattled Man united boss. But they would also cheerily settle for Jose falling flat on his face at Old Trafford Square

6. To make a comeback so swift that Leicester City would be spinning with no clue as to what happened

7. For Diego Costa’s persistent injuries to stop. Rumours circulating that the striker might head back to Athletico has been shut down and CFC fans are happy but they are hoping for an injury free season

8. More goals from Brazilian winger Willian. He has always been a dedicated player but his inability to convert his chances to goals has frustrated a lot of CFC Fans


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