It is no longer news that Chelsea trashed the Reds 4-0!

In fact, it was a show of shame for Manchester United and Mourinho who watched his former club flog the living daylights(and without respect for him)out of Manchester United.

Now there are reports that Conte instigated fans to shout louder when the match score line was at 4-0. We think that Conte wanted to rub salt into Mourinho’s wounds and here are 3 reasons why we think that Conte is out to disgrace Mourinho:

1. Conte urged Chelsea fans to increase the volume after  the fourth goal was scored. Chelsea secured a 4-0 win over the Reds.

2. After the full-time whistle, Mourinho spoke at length to Conte, and those who heard snippets of the conversation allege that Mourinho said: “You don’t     celebrate like that at 4-0, you can do it at 1-0, otherwise it’s humiliating for us.” Yet Conte ignored him and told the fans to keep celebrating.

3. Reporters asked Conte why he didn’t respect Mourinho and led a quiet celebration out of respect for the former coach but Conte had this to say :

“I think that everyone must show respect for me, for my work, for my job.

“In every game I show myself. I have a history and you can see my history, my past and my behavior on the bench.

“I’m a passionate man, I show this in the past (and) now. I want to stay very close to my players, also to play with them, to help.

“I always show respect for the opponent, for the other teams, for the other club, and my history speaks for me.”


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